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Mount Pleasant History


Mount Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church was founded in 1893 and received its name from Rev. Isaac Pleasant, who was a local minister in the community. Rev. Averett organized the church with eight people. The first services were held from house to house once a month. Later the church moved to an old fashioned milk house on the Kissell Farm. In July of 1895 Rev. Wash Teeters was called as the first pastor of Mount Pleasant. A place was sought for the building of a church. A lot was donated by Joseph Rodibaugh on the Northwest corner of Guion Road and West 56 Street.

From 1899 to 1930 a total of 5 were called to pastor Mount Pleasant. In March 1930 Rev. Robert H. Noel was called to pastor and during his pastorate it was arranged to purchase land from Stephen Boughton for $300.00. Construction on a new church was started and the corner stone was laid in 1934. The church was located at 5880 Reed Rd (known today as Eagle Creek Park) from 1934-1972. In 1934 Rev. J. Ward was called as pastor. In1959 Rev. William H. Groves was called and while he was pastor the Park Board approached the church about purchasing the church property. On October 3, 1970 Rev. Robert E. Barnett was called to pastor. Under his leadership the Park Board completed plans for purchasing the church property in December 1970. On February 15, 1972 construction began on the new church at 5111 West 62nd Street and was completed in August 1972.


Rev. Gary Sellars served as pastor of Mount Pleasant Church for twenty seven years, from November 18, 1983 until September 8, 2010. Under his guidance a new addition was added to the edifice in 2003. The new addition was built and dedicated in 2004. The mortgage was burned in November of 2009. During his pastorate the enrolled membership increased to approximately 300-500 members. The church is active in the Missionary Baptist Convention and the Capitol City Fellowship. We are also a 501 (c) (3) organization.